[Bf-committers] New filter mode for game engine

zippy trip at spymac.com
Tue Jan 18 21:42:27 CET 2005

One word "oooooo" oh and "ahh"

So it looks like the game engine still has some developers. Nice.

On Jan 18, 2005, at 3:09 PM, Alexander Ewering wrote:

> I've introduced a new blending mode for faces in instinctive-blender's
> game engine, and I thought I could share the (very satisfying) results:
> http://pub.instinctive.de/filter.png
> This is a true color filter, which can be used to create, among other
> things, realistic coloured glass (which is NOT possible by simply using
> a coloured face and alpha).
> It behaves like this:
> Black is completely opaque (and black), white is completely
> transparent, and for example, red is only transparent for the
> red component of faces behind, and opaque (and black) for all
> others.
> This acts similar to the physical behaviour of real coloured
> glas.
> (With alpha, you will only ever get an approximation of this
> behaviour - i.e., a washed out colour).
> The changes involved are very simple.
> In DNA_mesh_types.h, a new define for the new mode:
> #define TF_FILTER   4
> In drawmesh.c, a new case for the new mode:
> (Around line 220):
>             else if(alphamode==TF_FILTER) {
>                 glBlendFunc(GL_ZERO, GL_SRC_COLOR);
>             }
> And finally in the engine, the same. Though I don't know where
> to do it in the current engine, as the Material stuff has been
> changed there (instinctive-blender still uses the old non-unified
> material code). Here, it is in GPC_PolygonMaterial.cpp.
> Just grep for TF_ALPHA.
> Kester; Your new material stuff and the use of the ztransp parameter
> works well. I still can't use the current game engine code though, as
> it still has issues with motion and collision. Check the NaN 
> walkthrough
> demo (the one with the ugly red and green tiled floor). Player movement
> is very sluggish and unpredictable.
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