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Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Mon Jan 17 16:49:41 CET 2005

A scale var isnt a bad idea- you could have preset scale vars...
An optioin that americans would like is displaying ft and inches :) They 
realy should move to metric.

As for clutter. if you dont want clutter you dont have teach draw mode 
You only use it when  you need to see a distance, where zooming in and 
adjusting the display is fine,

I personally use it for building templates - Say I know the dimensions 
for a building, I just key in all the data to model a simple template, 
clutter dosent matter in this situation- A simple mesh dosent get 
cluttered easerly, I need to know the data, realtime feedback is nice 
and more data is more usefull then less.

BTW, I strongle disagree with drawing the values in 3Dspace, it would 
make the writing realy hard to read. Bitmap fonts are perfect for this, 
as it is.

- Cam

Kenneth Styrberg wrote:

> Hi,
> yes, the idea of just showing the moving edges/angles could also be an 
> option.
> When I coded in this into my project, my need was too see all edges in 
> the object I edited. When using it for drawings you dont get that much 
> "clutter" as with ordinary modelling with higher vertexcount so I 
> didn't see the need for less "clutter". I coded in a toggle button to 
> switch off the draw of all edge lengths.
> I also added the a scale input field so that the values shown can be 
> displayed in correct scale. Though the maximum 100 might need to be 
> changed to 10000 or more for larger scales!
> And as a, not so good Blender coder, I had no clue that there was 
> analysis and suggestions added to cvs commits =-O   . Now I know!
> and yes I'm lazy, but the patch did the work done for me... I can 
> however see if I get the grips on how to add the option to display 
> only changing bit of the mesh, if not someone else do it better/faster 
> than me!
> regards
> //styken
> Ton Roosendaal wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I also tested code that displayed lengths/areas/angles on selection  
>> (and grabbing) of a single vertex. Found it far too confusing and  
>> cluttered, especially for angles and areas. With the commit I 
>> provided  an analysis and suggestions for useful drawing of 
>> measurement stats  (which nobody read apparently).
>> So for time being the current cvs code only displays the stats  
>> following the existing selection rules. That parts works, now the  
>> rest...
>> I know coders (these lazy asses! :) like to find the quickest hack  
>> possible and move on, but this is no release, so hopefully someone 
>> gets  inspired to provide actual work on this area. If not, it is as 
>> Campbell  says very easy to change. Don't need help for that. :)
>> -Ton-
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