[Bf-committers] patch for tech mode

Kenneth Styrberg kenneth.styrberg at telia.com
Mon Jan 17 21:33:38 CET 2005


yes, the idea of just showing the moving edges/angles could also be an 

When I coded in this into my project, my need was too see all edges in 
the object I edited. When using it for drawings you dont get that much 
"clutter" as with ordinary modelling with higher vertexcount so I didn't 
see the need for less "clutter". I coded in a toggle button to switch 
off the draw of all edge lengths.

I also added the a scale input field so that the values shown can be 
displayed in correct scale. Though the maximum 100 might need to be 
changed to 10000 or more for larger scales!

And as a, not so good Blender coder, I had no clue that there was 
analysis and suggestions added to cvs commits =-O   . Now I know!

and yes I'm lazy, but the patch did the work done for me... I can 
however see if I get the grips on how to add the option to display only 
changing bit of the mesh, if not someone else do it better/faster than me!



Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> Hi,
> I also tested code that displayed lengths/areas/angles on selection  
> (and grabbing) of a single vertex. Found it far too confusing and  
> cluttered, especially for angles and areas. With the commit I 
> provided  an analysis and suggestions for useful drawing of 
> measurement stats  (which nobody read apparently).
> So for time being the current cvs code only displays the stats  
> following the existing selection rules. That parts works, now the  
> rest...
> I know coders (these lazy asses! :) like to find the quickest hack  
> possible and move on, but this is no release, so hopefully someone 
> gets  inspired to provide actual work on this area. If not, it is as 
> Campbell  says very easy to change. Don't need help for that. :)
> -Ton-

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