[Bf-committers] Cheap Tweak Mode

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Sat Jan 15 21:15:56 CET 2005

Sorry for beating a dead horse and replying to
my own message and all, but there is one important
point that I should have mentioned: you have to
click and drag to initiate the 'gesture' anyways,
so I don't see how this is any more damaging than
what is already there (the only difference is that
when you stop dragging, you deposit the vert in a
new location). Anyways, might make a good user pref
since it does speed up work in a huge way.


Chris Want wrote:
> As things are, you have to do some double finger
> aerobics to move the single vert (combined with some
> keyboard strokes), so I don't see how that is
> ergonomically better. The duration of the drag is
> for such a short time (typically) that I really
> doubt that it is physically damaging. My recommendation
> is to actually try it -- it's nice, fast, and it feels
> good.
> Chris
> Ton Roosendaal wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The objection I have is ergonomical and also to keep things  
>> blender-compliant... that kind of editing was banned from blender 
>> since  the beginning. Holding a mouse button while doing an action and 
>> have it  stop working on a button-release is just *bad*. The muscle 
>> stress of  holding button is the #1 reason for people to get injuries.
>> The current "tweak" mode in Blender allows to skip that stress, by  
>> replacing the 'release' with another action. This can either be left  
>> mouse, spacebar, enter... which is more precise anyway (it is how  
>> muscles work; contraction is more exact than relaxing). You can find  
>> adoption for such methods in other UIs too.
>> -Ton-

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