[Bf-committers] New features - strange effects

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sat Jan 15 18:25:34 CET 2005


I'm also to blame for it... currently my energy gets drained too much  
with all kinds of foundation bizz... and the SB project was scheduled  
to start after 2.36.

As agreed on, Jens would work on the math and simulation part for all  
of it, and come back to me for integration of the system in Blender.  
Math indeed seems to be fine, so now its just the art of making it  
simply work! :)

Jens will make a short tech doc on what the actual settings now do  
(exact technical definitions not user-friendly talk), so I can use that  
for the next step. Goal still is to have a generic system, which can be  
used for any object type in blender.


On 15 Jan, 2005, at 0:51, bjornmose wrote:

> Alexander Ewering wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> Could someone point the list to some basic documentation on the  
>> softbodies?
>> With the tip to name them "soft..", I now got an additional menu, but  
>> I don't
>> manage to do anything except make the entire mesh change position  
>> back and
>> forth, or make it fall down as a whole.
>> How do you specify which objects it should check for collisions?
>> When I hit ESC during alt-a, the object doesn't return to its original
>> shape - it's left in an appearently random state.
>> Tip: In instinctive-blender, I just cancel the simulation and reload  
>> the
>> original mesh data when the current frame is lower than the previous
>> one.
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> i am too old for "young bull's fighting" , so ..
> my view:
> ton asked me to do some 'reasonable & stable' physics in the framework  
> he provided. The framework showed a BIG amount of experiance and  
> abstraction level. So i started to develop a physics engine, heavily  
> insired by what i think the maya engine does. ( I read the baraff  
> papers forward and back to make sure to get concepts )
> Welps ..
> may be i utterly failed .. since maths is fine .. but noone can use it  
> ..
> hmmm i'm feel a drain of motivation to follow that project if everyone  
> just p*ss*s on me
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