[Bf-committers] Cheap Tweak Mode

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Sat Jan 15 07:14:39 CET 2005

Alright, maybe this is more like funboard territory,
but since I wrote some actual code, I'll post here.

I've been modelling a bit lately with blender, and it's
mostly been great. The one thing I find annoying is
having to press 'g' all the time to move one little vert.
Wings has 'Tweak mode' that allows you to grab a vert,
drag it, and let it go in one nice move. Blender almost
has that: you can click on a vert with your right mouse,
and drag in a straight line and it'll start moving...
the only thing missing is dropping it when you let go
of the mouse button. The attached patch allows you to let
go of the vert when you let go of the mouse. It's only a
few lines of code and it doesn't work perfectly (blender's
transform code gives me a headache). Anyways, I guess the
question is: is this a desirable behavior?

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