[Bf-committers] Can the Transform Properties window be legally used more?

zippy trip at spymac.com
Thu Jan 13 03:13:36 CET 2005

I saw that Ton and another thought that Blenders Floating window 
closely resembled Apples Motion Dashboard alot. The Question then is if 
we can use the floating window to use it like the Dashboard, as in it 
changes contents of buttons for each mode of work you are in eg: 
modeling t could show stuff like extrude buttons and others as an 
example. It already works like that when you hope around to the most 
obvious ones like vertex paint.

I kinda want to see if I can add a few extra things to it, but if it is 
just going to get shot down because a coder does not like the idea then 
I wont bother.

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