[Bf-committers] Wire colors

Jean-Luc Peuriere jlp at nerim.net
Tue Jan 11 00:19:36 CET 2005

Le 10 janv. 05, à 14:37, Ton Roosendaal a écrit :

> Hi,
> As mentioned in the irc minutes, I've digged up results from (lengthy 
> :) wire color discussions in past. Below the idea I think matches 
> almost all proposals best, without giving up current functional use of 
> colors.
> - we introduce an editable palette of 16 colors (more seems to become 
> confusing).
> - each palette color includes the deselected/selected/active state, 
> have to check on a good general rule (or setting) for brightening or 
> darkening.
> - for each palette color you can define rules (in a pulldown), which 
> can mimic current use of colors (Library, Ipo-Keys, from "Set" Scene, 
> Duplicated) and which allows new rules as well (layer bits, is child, 
> Object type, whatever). Could even check on using python for rules...
> - Default rule is "Free", which allows a menu per Object to assign a 
> free color (pop-up menu with swatches choices in Object buttons).
> - Rules can get a priority setting to enable one rule to override 
> another. This to prevent a conflict between "Library" and "Free" color 
> for example.
> - Colors only apply Object mode wire draw.
> - Have to check on zbuffered wireframe... non-zbuffered might look 
> ugly and confusing then.
> This can become part of Themes, assuming that you're not editing such 
> rules or colors all the time.

fine with me. I can work along those lines.

For different colors, my ideas was to use HSV values, with saturation 
and values for active/selected states. will post some trys with this 

another option is to revert base color when  active/selected


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