[Bf-committers] Feature that revolutionizes use of radiosity in game engine

Juan Julio Peña Mena jjulio.pena at verizon.net.do
Sat Jan 8 08:17:48 CET 2005

El sáb, 08-01-2005 a las 17:08, Alexander Ewering escribió:

> On Sat, 8 Jan 2005, Juan Julio [ISO-8859-1] Pea Mena wrote:
> >> You can now totally finish your modelling, INCLUDING UV-Mapping
> >> and texturing, subdivide the mesh a few times using the regular
> >> subdivide function, THEN calculate a radiosity lighting solution, choose
> >> "Add new meshes", select the old mesh and then the radiosity mesh,
> >> CTRL-C -> Vertex Colours, and NON-DESTRUCTIVELY APPLY THE
> >>
> >> Why didn't anyone think of this...
> >

You know, if you can adapt it to be done in real time you could have
interactive radiosity on the game engine !
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