[Bf-committers] Re: Doxygen docs?

Toni Alatalo antont at kyperjokki.fi
Fri Jan 7 10:51:19 CET 2005

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 bf-committers-request at projects.blender.org wrote:

> From: joeedh 
> Alexander Ewering wrote:
> > For me (and probably for any other serious developer), the code is pretty
> > much self-explanatory... better spend the time on coding ;)
> The code is self-explanatory, after you finish having apoplexy at the 
> wierdness of it :)  .  Blender violates so many software-design "rules" 
> that it isn't even funny.  Also there is a contradiction between the 

two possibilities come to mind, not really knowing the code (but perhaps
needing to learn more later): 1. write a separate document which describes
the weirdness, referring to the actual source, in wiki perhaps?  and/or 
2. document the weird parts in the code, but not waste time / space in
describing the clear / self-explanatory parts

> joeedh


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