[Bf-committers] Doxygen docs?

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Wed Jan 5 23:29:57 CET 2005

joeedh wrote:

> Chris Want wrote:
>> This thread is turning into a really long
>> religious debate about programming laguages
>> -- maybe it should be taken offlist? (Hehe,
>> or maybe to funboard.)
>> Anyways, I think the Doxygen issue has come
>> up in the past, and was voted down due to
>> the way that it makes it hard to see the
>> code through all of the comments (or
>> something like that). Check the list
>> archives for details.
>> Chris 
> But it's only in include .h files. . .it isn't as if I'll be adding 
> comments to .c source files!
> joeedh 

I meant detailed doxygen comments.  Of course I add comments to my 
code!  And I'd add doxygen comments, too, (excuse the "!" up there) 
except that I guess not everyone likes that.  And anyway in the case of 
Blender it makes sense to just use the .h files


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