[Bf-committers] Doxygen docs?

zippy trip at spymac.com
Wed Jan 5 22:25:20 CET 2005

On Jan 5, 2005, at 4:13 PM, joeedh wrote:

> Alexander Ewering wrote:
>> On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, zippy wrote:
>>>>> Hi, I'd be interesting in writing code comments for parts of 
>>>>> Blender's source code.  I have a fairly good understanding of it, 
>>>>> and whoever was previously doing this seems to have given up.  
>>>>> I've gotten Doxygen to work, and I've found the main doxygen 
>>>>> configuration/source files in doc/.
>>>> For me (and probably for any other serious developer), the code is 
>>>> pretty
>>>> much self-explanatory... better spend the time on coding ;)
>>> It is that kind of talk that lead the first developer to drop the 
>>> project. Any form of better documentation would be helpful. I would 
>>> like to try out stuff someday again, and it would e nice for dumb 
>>> noncoders like me.
>> In my opinion, a project like Blender, as one of the (if not THE one) 
>> most
>> complex open-source projects in existance, is far beyond what a 
>> non-coder can
>> expect to handle.
>> It's a bit like allowing anyone to drive a car if there's a sheet on 
>> the
>> steering wheel telling them where the brake, accelerator, and 
>> coupling is
>> (or however that is called in English).
> But your not giving them the keys, remember ;) .

However this conversation goes, I would very much like a better 
searchable system for searching what the hell something does and why in 
the code instead of an obscure comment left behind.

So my vote (if I have one) is yay for it.

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