[Bf-committers] Sound Actuators and Python - Old bug?

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Wed Jan 5 11:59:32 CET 2005

I need someone to confirm if this is a known bug or if I introduced it.

I'm using the following code inside a walk script to make footstep sounds,
about 3 per second:

if fwdkey.isPositive():
         vec = VEC_add(vec, playerY)
         if player.runsound > 0.3:
                 player.runsound = 0
                 GameLogic.addActiveActuator(cont.getActuator('grassound'), 1)

player.runsound is a timer.

The sound is set to "Play End".

The problem is that this sound is only played once, even though the actuator
is constantly retriggered (I can see this in the Debug display from
player.runsound, which get set to 0 again and again)...

Is this a known problem? Can anyone where OpenAL works test if this works
or not?


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