[Bf-committers] Python bug (possible "show-stopper" bug) or user mistake?

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Jan 3 12:50:12 CET 2005


I've immediately changed the page with a note about this, but  
apparently I didn't make it become published... will make sure more  
people get access to the download section CMS. :)


On 27 Dec, 2004, at 21:33, Juan Julio Peña Mena wrote:

>  El lun, 27-12-2004 a las 23:54, Juan Julio Peña Mena escribió:
>  http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=337266#337266
>  Ok, I went again to the download page and SURPRIZE !!!  The version I  
> downloaded the day it was released (glibc2.3.2) has been removed from  
> the page, and now there is only the version with glibc2.2.5 , wich  
> seems to work OK. 
>  People, did it ever cross your mind posting a warning on the download  
> page about the removal of the 2.3.2 compile and it's cause?  I'm sure  
> I wasn't the only one who downloaded it and was breaking my head  
> searching what was wrong!
>  Right now, the page states "Linux versions use a Python library  
> lacking support for the Math module on certain distros (like Debian),  
> we are working on this!" .. as you see it is written in present tense,  
> as in "this still is a problem", so I must assume that wasn't what  
> caused my problem, but something else did and it caused the removal of  
> the affordmentioned version.
>  By the way, for the FAQ purpose, when the final user is presented  
> with various glibc versions to choose from (like it was the case on  
> the 2.36 release day), what is the rule?  Should he pick the one with  
> the lowest glibc available or the one with the glibc version number  
> nearest to the one already installed on his computer?
>  (My machine has glibc-2.3.3 installed, so I whent for the one closer  
> to the one in my computer)
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