[Bf-committers] Game Engine Audio Mute

Kester Maddock Christopher.Maddock.1 at uni.massey.ac.nz
Sun Jan 2 02:17:18 CET 2005

It might as well just be a listener actuator, where you can set any of the 
listener parameters.


On Saturday 01 January 2005 03:05, Juan Julio Peña Mena wrote:
> > Do you mean all existing sounds, or the "master volume"? If the actuator
> > alters the master volume, you obviously won't be able to add any 'louder'
> > sound then anymore... If it just lowers the volume of all existing
> > sounds though, that would be possible...
> Of course the same actuator or it's counterpart will have the power to
> restore the sounds volume by a preset-factor (100%, 50%, etc.) to its
> former state. The idea is that it would reduce the gloval volume of the
> game engine untill the user decides so.
> It is mainly for cases when you are playing on full screen mode (no
> speakers icon in sight) and somebody enters the room where you are and
> starts talking to you (or calls you on the phone) and for any reason you
> can't or desire to reach your speakers physical volume control.  In my
> own case, I have the computer hooked up to a remote controlled 5.1
> speakers system, and on those situations when I have to lower the volume
> in a hurry I never can't figure out where the remote is located.
> Of course, the "volume actuator" could be used in-game to momentary
> lower the ambient sound and enhance the voices, or the other way around,
> where you want the ambient sounds to go unsually high.. (reminds me when
> Lara Croff finally reaches the top of the Great Chinesse Wall in Tomb
> Raider II... wind is almost all you can hear).
> The last approach would need a way to flag sound emisors like
> "attenuable" and "unattenuable", so some of them are not affected by the
> volume actuator.

If you are going to walk on thin ice, you may as well dance.

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