[Bf-committers] Temporary storage for Edit{Vert|Edge|Face}

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Sat Dec 31 06:47:46 CET 2005

Ed Halley wrote:
> I think the big reason that stuff like Unions (and other things like 
> symbolic array size constants) is not used in many structures right now 
> is that the SDNA scanners can't read them.  That is, every member of 
> every structure which has a hope of being saved to disk in a .blend must 
> be given a stable name, must be a type that SDNA knows about, must be 
> aligned in all kinds of kookie ways, and the moon must be gibbous 
> waxing.  Nested unions are a nice idea, but the makesnda/ code has to be 
> made smarter before you can just pile multiple variables at the same 
> struct offset.

Good point about SDNA, but the EditEdge structs aren't part of the SDNA 
(unless I'm really reading the source wrong).  So in this instance I 
think the unions would be a good idea.  I have a pending patch for 
64-bit which cleaned up lots of the exact same casts Chris is talking 
about, but thing union would be a much clean solution.


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