[Bf-committers] N<1 rendering. formerly: added index-of-refraction presets popup menu

Ed Halley ed at halley.cc
Thu Dec 29 20:41:33 CET 2005

Yup, that all squares with my understanding of the code, too.  Except 
that since the raytracer didn't support total-internal-reflection until 
recently (see my patch), the bubble-in-bubble case they're talking about 
wouldn't have worked properly anyway.  The rays that should never have 
escaped the dense medium into the sparse medium were being allowed to 
escape without any refraction at all.

If someone wants to make a quick submarine model with windows, a seabed 
floor, and a few bubbles, I'll tweak with it until it works fine as a 
test case.  Maybe even a 2.41 release-notes diagram ;)

Daniel Barbeau wrote:
> If this is of any help, there has been a quick discussion around this 
> in april (ex: underwater rendering) (seemed like it was two years ago 
> to me):
> http://projects.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2005-April/010370.html
> be sure to view the messages following that one.
> Dani 
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