[Bf-committers] Updated (working!) patch for NLA Action Baking

malefico andauer the3d_hut at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Dec 29 17:16:00 CET 2005

Hi,I've patched and compiled successfully. After
trying it a little while, baking a walkcycle with
stride bone, there is a litle thing I wanted to
comment on.

The Bake NLA to Action creates keyframes for too many
bones. I mean, for instance IK constraints are not
deleted, they're still there, but now, we also have
keyframes for all bones in the IK chain (including
null bones).   This of course makes animation preview
slower than NLA original.

Also, the stride thing works a little odd. I'm not
using match bone yet since I don't fully grasp yet how
to use it (I have to read better your logs).

I could send you a sample blend if you want me to.

Kind regards and thank you very much for your efforts


 --- Roland Hess <rolandh at reed-witting.com> escribió:

> >Why Orange is needing this kind of feature? They
> want to export their
> >animation to some other software?
> Let's say you make a walkcycle, and use the Stride
> Bone feature to 
> make your character walk along a path. That's nice,
> but it's very 
> reptitive. Let's say you want to move the foot
> position on three out 
> of forty footfalls to step on something exactly? Or,
> that you want to 
> alter each step a bit so it looks more natural? You
> can't do that 
> with a walkcycle. But, if you bake it into a single
> action, with each 
> loop of the cycle as real IPOs in an action, you can
> tweak and 
> sweeten each step, if you like. Also, it should cut
> down on the work 
> that Blender has to do, as it's simply evaluation a
> linear chain of 
> Ipos, and not having to run mutliple cycles of NLA
> evaluation. It may 
> not be a big deal for a single character scene, but
> if you have a lot 
> of folks jumping around, it could make a serious
> difference in system 
> response.
> >What is exactly this "MatchMoving" feature?
> Tracking of 2D points in
> >different frames of a movie or positionning of a
> camera from points
> >which 3D position is known?
> You can read the docs and demos from the Patch
> Tracker on it:
> Although the patch in that particular tracker item
> is superceded by 
> the one bundled with Action Baking.
> -- 
> Roland Hess - harkyman
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