[Bf-committers] Sharp/Flat selections

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Wed Dec 28 19:23:15 CET 2005

Hey all,

Now that the release is over and the novelty has
worn off and we are eager for new features ;),
I thought I would bring a patch to the table that
I've been working on. I would like to commit this to
the orange branch.

A description of the new mesh modelling functionality
is here:


And the patch is here:


One thing I don't like about this code (and this certainly
isn't the only place in the code this happens), is that
it uses the fact that the (short int) edge flags eed->f1
and eed->f2 are consecutive, and casts that storage to
be a long int.

Anyways, hopefully this is deemed a worthwhile addition,
and unless there is some fault found with the code, or
it is deemed to be not worthy of inclusion, I will
commit this to the orange branch within the next


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