[Bf-committers] 2.40 is out!

Jef Jansen jef.jansen at telenet.be
Thu Dec 22 23:38:55 CET 2005

Thanks developers,

Great work
Merry Christmas and a blenderfull year.


Op 22-dec-05 om 23:10 heeft Ton Roosendaal het volgende geschreven:

> Hi all,
> Release is done, so we now can all enjoy the holidays. :)
> Just keep in mind cvs remains frozen a while, we might need to do an  
> update. New development is welcome in orange branch, of course. But  
> contact me or Toni first if you want to do very weird things there...  
> its the production branch in the studio here!
> There's a great release log on the site now, with credits. But I think  
> it's nice to repeat the credits here too, so big thanks and happy  
> holidays to:
>  Adam Katz (Turn-table fix)
>  Alexander Ewering (3D Text improvements, bug fixes)
>  Alfredo de Greef (Radiance file support, Yafray export fixes)
>  Andrea Weikert (string library, bug fixes)
>  Austin Benesh (Python Scripts)
>  Brecht Van Lommel (IK Engine, LCSM and UV Editing, bug fixes)
>  Bill Currie (Bug fix)
>  Campbell Barton (BVH I/O Update, Archimap unwrapper, BPython API)
>  Chris Burt (Radial Blend texture)
>  Chris Want (Tuhopuu cvs support, Makefiles, bug fixes)
>  Daniel Dunbar (Mesh drawing recode, Modifier stack)
>  DJ Capelis (Linux platform maintenance, bug fixes, 64 bits support)
>  Eckhard Jaeger (Modifier UI icons)
>  Erwin Coumans (Bullet Physics, Game engine fixes)
>  Frederic van der Essen (Quickstart sheet)
>  Jean-Luc Peurriere (Dependency Graph, OSX platform maintenance, bug  
> fixes)
>  Jens Ole Wundt (Softbody improvements, Image paint, bug fixes)
>  Janne Karhu (Particles upgrade groundwork)
>  Jiri Hnidek (Window merging tool, Blender-Verse, bug fixes)
>  Johnny Matthews (Meshedit Subdivide Core, Edgeslide, Widgetmaker  
> Script, Python api)
>  Joilnen Leite (Sort by extension on window file select)
>  Jorge Bernal (Game engine compile fix)
>  Jospeph Gilbert (Python Armature API, Python Mathutils, bug fixes)
>  Ken Hughes (Python API Mesh module, bug fixes)
>  Kent Mein (libtiff support, various small fixes)
>  Matt Ebb (Lamps, Camera and Object center visualisations, sequence  
> strip cutting, text UI controls and menu updates)
>  Marc Freixas (Boolean recode)
>  Martin Poirier (Transform tools, bug fixes)
>  Matthew Plough (support for Swap-Copy OpenGL buffers)
>  Mika Saari (Unicode character support for Font Object)
>  Nathan Letwory (Bug fixes)
>  Nils Thuerey (Fluid Simulation)
>  Pontus Lidman (Python script)
>  Roland Hess (Floor Constraint)
>  Simon Clitherow (Bug fixes, Window platform maintenance)
>  Shaul Kedem (File compression,Sequencer frame reversal)
>  Stephen Swaney (Python API, bug fixes)
>  Stephane Soppero (Python API)
>  Tom Musgrove (Python scripts, Button code cleanup, Release logs)
>  Toni Alatalo (Python API, bug fixes)
>  Vidar Madsen (Fix for animating static particles)
>  Willian P. Germano (Python API, bug fixes, docs)
>  Yehoshua Sapir (Python script)
> -Ton-
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