[Bf-committers] 2.40 is out!

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Thu Dec 22 23:10:28 CET 2005

Hi all,

Release is done, so we now can all enjoy the holidays. :)
Just keep in mind cvs remains frozen a while, we might need to do an  
update. New development is welcome in orange branch, of course. But  
contact me or Toni first if you want to do very weird things there...  
its the production branch in the studio here!

There's a great release log on the site now, with credits. But I think  
it's nice to repeat the credits here too, so big thanks and happy  
holidays to:

  Adam Katz (Turn-table fix)
  Alexander Ewering (3D Text improvements, bug fixes)
  Alfredo de Greef (Radiance file support, Yafray export fixes)
  Andrea Weikert (string library, bug fixes)
  Austin Benesh (Python Scripts)
  Brecht Van Lommel (IK Engine, LCSM and UV Editing, bug fixes)
  Bill Currie (Bug fix)
  Campbell Barton (BVH I/O Update, Archimap unwrapper, BPython API)
  Chris Burt (Radial Blend texture)
  Chris Want (Tuhopuu cvs support, Makefiles, bug fixes)
  Daniel Dunbar (Mesh drawing recode, Modifier stack)
  DJ Capelis (Linux platform maintenance, bug fixes, 64 bits support)
  Eckhard Jaeger (Modifier UI icons)
  Erwin Coumans (Bullet Physics, Game engine fixes)
  Frederic van der Essen (Quickstart sheet)
  Jean-Luc Peurriere (Dependency Graph, OSX platform maintenance, bug  
  Jens Ole Wundt (Softbody improvements, Image paint, bug fixes)
  Janne Karhu (Particles upgrade groundwork)
  Jiri Hnidek (Window merging tool, Blender-Verse, bug fixes)
  Johnny Matthews (Meshedit Subdivide Core, Edgeslide, Widgetmaker  
Script, Python api)
  Joilnen Leite (Sort by extension on window file select)
  Jorge Bernal (Game engine compile fix)
  Jospeph Gilbert (Python Armature API, Python Mathutils, bug fixes)
  Ken Hughes (Python API Mesh module, bug fixes)
  Kent Mein (libtiff support, various small fixes)
  Matt Ebb (Lamps, Camera and Object center visualisations, sequence  
strip cutting, text UI controls and menu updates)
  Marc Freixas (Boolean recode)
  Martin Poirier (Transform tools, bug fixes)
  Matthew Plough (support for Swap-Copy OpenGL buffers)
  Mika Saari (Unicode character support for Font Object)
  Nathan Letwory (Bug fixes)
  Nils Thuerey (Fluid Simulation)
  Pontus Lidman (Python script)
  Roland Hess (Floor Constraint)
  Simon Clitherow (Bug fixes, Window platform maintenance)
  Shaul Kedem (File compression,Sequencer frame reversal)
  Stephen Swaney (Python API, bug fixes)
  Stephane Soppero (Python API)
  Tom Musgrove (Python scripts, Button code cleanup, Release logs)
  Toni Alatalo (Python API, bug fixes)
  Vidar Madsen (Fix for animating static particles)
  Willian P. Germano (Python API, bug fixes, docs)
  Yehoshua Sapir (Python script)


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton at blender.org  

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