[Bf-committers] Re: QuickStart Guide - In pdf

Frédéric van der Essen fred at mentalwarp.com
Tue Dec 20 22:54:01 CET 2005

GSR a écrit :

>fred at mentalwarp.com (2005-12-20 at 1901.22 +0100):
>>I corrected the mistakes, and tried to integrate suggestions, so here
>>is the final version in pdf.
>There are still two (or one, depends how you see it) issues that make
>me doubt: the huge flat colour area, as it is a big ink eater, and the
>text over grey, also ink hungry but with worse side effects at it
>forces the printer to have to create the grey with a pattern and at
>the same time try to have readable text (that does not mix nicely).
I agree, i've not thought about this, and it might be an issue.
I'll look at alternatives designs.

>For reference docs like this, one should try (or at least imagine the
>result) printing in a plain printer (not in photo settings), b&w
>preferably, and also making photocopies of that. You know, try to
>think a teacher handing out it or students copying it.
It should work ok in grayscale and in photocopy. In the worst
case the gray boxes won't be visible, but it will still be readable.   

>I would leave sans vs serif debate for others, as I do not feel
>experienced enough in that front... but I suffered too many "not good
>for printing or copying" docs not long ago.
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I only have ubuntu default fonts and this is the only one that looks
remotely nice. if you offer me frutiger or helvetica i'll be glad to use
them :)

Anyway i see many issues with the svg->pdf conversion so i'll redo
it in scribus but it won't be done quickly as i also have exams to

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