[Bf-committers] Re: GameEngine material patch.

Charlie C snailrose at bresnan.net
Tue Dec 20 16:51:23 CET 2005

 That would be great. It would give me more time to get every thing together

  The uv-mapping supports only one set at the moment. For each texture unit available
  you have the option to scale/translate the coords with the size/offs buttons.
  Also for each unit there is an option to use the mappings Refl/Norm.
  Refl will use gl sphere map calculations... the same goes for cube map. The Norm,
  just uses the normal of the polygon. There was an option to use the Object mapping
  but it was scrubbed. It should probably be brought back, because it allowed for
  some interesting lighting effects. Here is a pic of it in progress


  Tangent space calculations is still yet to be written. As well as more than one set
  of uv coordinates per mesh. Although its not to clear where the user would set 
  the second.. uv set

 No this build is not checking for shader support. Check back at the same link
  for an updated build later on today. It will have full extension checking
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