[Bf-committers] GameEngine material patch.

Mal mal at candomultimedia.com
Tue Dec 20 13:52:58 CET 2005

Hi Charlie,

Unfortunately I'm getting a crash on Windows XP, I'm on a GeForce 2 GO, 
which doesn't support pixel shaders etc.   I was really looking forward 
to seeing this work ( btw I did download a previous version of the girl 
sitting with the effects appearing around her ( from elysiun ), and that 
did work )

Does the patch do a check to see if the current graphics card supports 
shaders etc, and if not, disables their usage?


> Hey all,
> this patch is probably too late to get reviewed for this up coming 
> release,
> but i'll go ahead and post it.
> It allows for basic material panel properties to be copied over to the 
> game engine
> There are four multitexturing units available for use, which are 
> accessed via the MTex panel.
> Multi-texturing will default to the minimum available units that any 
> user's card will handle.
> Cubemap extensions are also accessed via the EnvMap 'Load' menu.
> Multiple materials per mesh are available, so each mesh can handle 
> four textures
> per material and sixteen materials per mesh.
> To pick up some slack with fixed functionality, GLSL shaders are 
> accessible with python, so the user
> has the option to implement normal mapping and all the really cool 
> shader effects.
> There is a python bug some where that will crash blender in MSVC7, 
> 'PyFatal_Error UNREF invalid object'.
> which I'm trying find the root of, so there is a chance that shaders 
> will crash the engine.
> This will mostly happen if the material loop is called globally inside 
> a script.
> For comparison, skate_girl and mech_interactive will do this as well 
> even with out
> any of these new options set. So there is a nasty little bug lurking 
> somewhere, inside
> game python.
> In the file included are some demos showing some of the stuff 
> mentioned above.
> http://snailrose_dir.home.bresnan.net/
> thanks,
> snailrose
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