[Bf-committers] GameEngine material patch.

Carsten Wartmann Carsten.Wartmann at imago-viva.de
Tue Dec 20 13:34:06 CET 2005

Charlie C schrieb:
> Hey all,
> this patch is probably too late to get reviewed for this up coming release,
> but i'll go ahead and post it.
> It allows for basic material panel properties to be copied over to the 
> game engine
> There are four multitexturing units available for use, which are 
> accessed via the MTex panel.
> Multi-texturing will default to the minimum available units that any 
> user's card will handle.
> Cubemap extensions are also accessed via the EnvMap 'Load' menu.
> Multiple materials per mesh are available, so each mesh can handle four 
> textures
> per material and sixteen materials per mesh.

Oh, thats very nice!

Had some real fun playing with it. Very promising.

What I would like to see is that the normal UV mapping is taken into 
account, because mostly you UV Texture a "game" modell and then like to 
add some reflection or multitexture eg. So an automatic "take over" of 
the UV Map would be nice. Or do I overlook something?


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