[Bf-committers] Re: GameEngine material patch.

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Mon Dec 19 21:08:26 CET 2005

Hi Charlie, 

Thanks for the patch, I've been looking forward to it. 

Unfortunately my work keeps me busy, so I haven't even had the time to fix 
the armatures either. I'll try to check our your patch, but probably it's 
better to schedule it for 2.41, together with armature fixes and other game 
engine stuff. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Blending ;-)

Charlie C writes: 

> Hey all, 
> this patch is probably too late to get reviewed for this up coming release,
> but i'll go ahead and post it. 
> It allows for basic material panel properties to be copied over to the game engine
> There are four multitexturing units available for use, which are accessed via the MTex panel.
> Multi-texturing will default to the minimum available units that any user's card will handle.
> Cubemap extensions are also accessed via the EnvMap 'Load' menu. 
> Multiple materials per mesh are available, so each mesh can handle four textures 
> per material and sixteen materials per mesh. 
> To pick up some slack with fixed functionality, GLSL shaders are accessible with python, so the user
> has the option to implement normal mapping and all the really cool shader effects.
> There is a python bug some where that will crash blender in MSVC7, 'PyFatal_Error UNREF invalid object'.
> which I'm trying find the root of, so there is a chance that shaders will crash the engine.
> This will mostly happen if the material loop is called globally inside a script.
> For comparison, skate_girl and mech_interactive will do this as well even with out
> any of these new options set. So there is a nasty little bug lurking somewhere, inside 
> game python. 
> In the file included are some demos showing some of the stuff mentioned above.  
> http://snailrose_dir.home.bresnan.net/ 
> thanks,
> snailrose

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