[Bf-committers] Blender on One Laptop Per Child (100$ laptop)

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 20:16:22 CET 2005

> Feel free to prove me wrong with an actual working instance, but I
> rather doubt that an application like Blender will run well on a
> hand-cranked laptop designed for email and word processing.

While the media focus is on the hand cranked no local power situation
- a lot of the distribution will be to coutries that do have local
power available with the laptop being used to reduce the cost of
textbook distribution while giving the children and families the
ability to become technologically literate.  Also while they obviously
won't be able to utilize Blenders full power (I don't see fluid
simulations being done on such computers) - modeling, texturing, and
animation should all be accomplishable on one of those, as should
modest rendering.  One of the major points of the OLPC is education,
which I think we should certainly be able to get Blender usable enough
on such hardware for that purpose.  Also our usage of python can
provide a fun and interesting programming environment to learn in.


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