[Bf-committers] Blender on One Laptop Per Child (100$ laptop)

Jean Montambeault iaminnocent at videotron.ca
Sun Dec 18 20:12:23 CET 2005

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> Jean Montambeault wrote:
> >Two things though that work in favor of them having less trouble than you
> >1. They don't know of *any* interface so Blender won't seem to them any
> >stranger than any other.
> >2. They're kid, likely motivated kids, and kids learn *fast*.
> >
> >
> Hey, I'm a kid too (despite counting 40 candles on my coming cake,
> perhaps there was a candle sale, or something).

That only makes you 4 times a kid ;)

> I know there are
> entrenched views on Blender's UI, and core coders have the privilege to
> do whatever they want, and perhaps that's the best UI for this type of
> app, I don't know.

I am not a coder nor entrenched.

> I'm just an occasional user, I get this stuff for
> free, so I shouldn't complain.

You have every right to your point of vue.

>My point is there may be adoption
> problems ahead because of the UI. Whether this is an opportunity to
> review this point is not for me to judge. While reading this 100$ laptop
> topic this morning, this point struck me as a barrier to Blender
> adoption, and thought I'd share this view. Besides, for someone who'se
> main motivation is to find something to eat for tomorrow, maybe learning
> 3D programming won't make it on top of his/her "to-do" list for the day.

This image of 'poor' people that are so desperate is not quite accurate.
100 000 000 is not such a big number compared to the 3 000 000 000 people
who could benefit. Among them, it is easy to find 100 M persons who actually
go/went to school and could use a computer.

> vio
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