[Bf-committers] QuickStart Guide

Frédéric van der Essen fred at mentalwarp.com
Sun Dec 18 19:12:47 CET 2005

Hello !
I made this QuickStart Guide and would like some feedback about it.

the goal of this guide is to have in one A4 page all the information to 
progress from the
"WTF is this crazy program, i will never be able to do anything with it"
to at least the "Ok, it makes sense but now i see that i need to 
download the documentation"-level

It answers all basic questions such as "where are preferences", to "how 
do i save my render" ?
It also covers to most important hotkeys, and the concepts behind 
blender interface.

Here is a png version.
Other formats and previous versions are available here :

Size and format issue

The png version is heavy, but (i think it was harkyman) managed to get a 
+-100Ko psd
out of the .svg file.

that psd compressed in .zip weight approximatively 20Ko

the .svg file weight even less and looks better but the user won't be 
able to view it unless
he has firefox 1.5 or inkscape.

Comments & Critics

I would especially like some feedback on the typos/language/grammar used 
since i'm not a native english speaker,
but I'm of course open to any suggestions :)

Use of this guide

I think this guide would be most usefull if it is bundled with the 
release, maybe with a "View QuickStart" option at
the end of the windows installer. What do you think ?

- Fred

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