[Bf-committers] Blender on One Laptop Per Child (100$ laptop)

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 01:41:48 CET 2005

For those interested here are additional technical details on OLPC
project from Jim Getty,


When I wrote sculptmesh - I was rather surprized to find that there
were Blender users who had similarly extremely low spec machines (but
did have hardware opengl accelleration, which these won't)

Some specific challenges are

500 Mhz processor
128 MB total ram
no swap
horrendous write performance - so things likeundomode saving to disk
and incremental saves are not very feasible.
no hardware opengl accelleration
screen is 800x600 in black and white mode (not grayscale)
266x600 or 800x200 in color mode.

Jim notes expected distribution

[QUOTE]With luck, a huge new audience for your software all over the
world; maybe of order 100,000,000 in '07[/QUOTE]

Presumably GCC will have changes made to create ridiculously well
optimized code for this machine, and that the software opengl toolkits
will be ported to take maximum advantage of the hardware.


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