[Bf-committers] (GameEngine) Suspend/Resume Actuator Bugfix

Volker Mische vmx at gmx.de
Wed Dec 14 03:18:56 CET 2005


I've written a patch to solve a suspend/resume IPO position bug.

I haven't made a bug report, if it is recommend to fill one even after 
added the patch to the tracker, i'll add one.

I'll include the same description to the Patch to this mail as I've 
written in the tracker at the end of the mail.

It would be nice if the patch could make it into 2.40 (I know there's 
only a little time left to the release) as it changes only minor things 
and I would need it for a project at university :)


The patch Description:
When you suspend a scene with the "Suspend Scene" Actuator, the IPOs 
stop at the current position. But when you resume the scene, the IPO is 
at the position it would have been if it wouldn't have been suspended 
(and not at the position it was suspended).
I've also added a small example scene as a testcase for the bug.
The bug was introduced with Blender 2.35 (the commit was most probable 
at 2004-10-16)

This patch solves that bug.
It has a small floating point inaccuracy, sometimes you get wrong (very 
tiny) negative values at SetLocalTime(), I've added a printf, perhaps 
someone could make the inaccuracy a bit smaller, but it so small that it 
shouldn't matter. Please remove the printf completely from the source if 
the patch is accepted.

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