[Bf-committers] Problem with the Bugtracker

"Juan J. Peña M." jjulio.pena at verizon.net.do
Tue Dec 13 12:57:20 CET 2005

I´ve been having the same experience.

Sometimes it becomes painfully slow, somethings it times out.


Arne Schmitz escribió:

>Sorry, but I cannot submit this on the tracker. :)
>When being logged into my account, I cannot switch to the tracker site over 
>the main page (projects.blender.org). This operation times out with Firefox, 
>Konq, and Explorer. What does work is logging out, switching to the tracker, 
>and logging in there. But that is very inconvenient. Especially the timeout 
>is annoying. Also posting to some bugreport seems awfully slow sometimes 
>(Bandwidth on my side shouldn't be a problem). Is anyone else experiencing 
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