[Bf-committers] two new wood types and one new wood wave type

Ed Halley ed at halley.cc
Mon Dec 12 02:15:17 CET 2005

Yes, someone else suggested the same workaround to achieve cylindrical 
woodgrain, but that smears the Y for noise coordinates too, making the 
same noise at all Y slices.  You can also use a separate "warp" channel 
to regain that Y coordinate, but then you could use warp for ALL of the 
noisy wood choices.

If I should take out cylindrical woodgrain, I should also take out all 
the noisy options, leaving "warp" for that.  This would be a big plus on 
this code, in my opinion, since I didn't like the single int+bool 
parameter anyway.  Then you have to think of existing .blend files, 
yadda yadda.

I'm not dismissing your feedback, by the way, just explaining the 
reasoning behind my patch.

Chris Burt wrote:
> It should be noted that the cylindrical behavior is already easy to 
> create on the map input panel but toying for a moment with the buttons 
> in the lower left hand corner. You can also select whichever axis you 
> want in this way which is more flexible. The cone feature sounds nice 
> however.
> Regards,
> --Chris
> Ed Halley wrote:
>> This provides two important new "wood" texture types, called tubes and 
>> cones.  Real trees are not like onions:  they do not grow concentric 
>> spherical rings as they grow older.  This provides two ring formats 
>> which may help make better woodgrains.
>> In the simpler sense, trees are more like cylinders than spheres.  I 
>> added a 'tubes' formula which offers this arrangement of rings.  The 
>> axis of the tube is the Y axis.  I chose the Y axis so that it would 
>> appear differently in the texture preview, since choosing the Z axis 
>> would make it appear exactly like the existing spherical rings.
>> In the even more accurate case, trees grow rings in a conic formation. 
>> The ring representing the winter of 1980 in a giant pine tree exists 
>> at half of the outer radius near the ground, but is very small when 
>> you climb halfway up.  The newest growth at the top does not have this 
>> ring at all.  Again, this format chooses the Y axis to represent the 
>> direction of growth.
>> There is no simple math which will produce knots, as those are the 
>> result of new branches rooting from the bole of the tree.  But even if 
>> you're not trying to model realistic woodgrain, these two new formats 
>> may offer some interesting new conic patterns for artists.
>> I also expanded the set of waveforms to include a "sharp at 1, smooth 
>> at 0" rectified sine wave.  I call this a "cup wave."  This may be of 
>> interest in some situations, but honestly, I added it because it was 
>> simple.
>> This patch does NOT redesign the selection of geometries into a more 
>> appropriate pair of parameters, shape and noise.  There should not be 
>> a choice for "noisy rings" and "noisy cones" and so on, but instead a 
>> toggle button which represents noise and a simple list of shapes.  I 
>> still think this redesign should be done sometime, as the switch case 
>> for all these types is kind of annoying to maintain and add new cases.
>> Please, by all means, any comments or criticisms, let me know.
>> -- 
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