[Bf-committers] Derived Mesh, documentation anywhere

Geoffrey Bantle hairbat at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 3 05:45:15 CET 2005

>here is some info here:


>Otherwise you can ask me questions personally.

I see. I appreciate the offer and will take you up on
it if I can narrow down the scope of my questions. The
document you linked to unfortunatley dosnt give me
much insight into the Derived Mesh system.

Not to beat a dead horse but is any documentation
planned? If not it seems worrying to me that such a
large change to the source code would be made without
any real details given on it. Especially when the
changes are (seemingly) so different in style and
content from the rest of the blender source.(heavy
reliance on function pointers, borrowing conventions
from functional languages ect) It makes contributing
changes that much harder to accomplish. I don't think
a line by line analysis of the code is nessecary, just
an overview of the basic ideas, design, and problems
the system was concieved to overcome. I suppose I
would have expected something similar to Ton's
document about the UI API in the docs/ directory of
the source tree.

Keep up the good work.
Geoff Bantle

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