[Bf-committers] toolbox behaviour

stapfx at gmx.de stapfx at gmx.de
Fri Dec 2 21:48:28 CET 2005

hi, I read a discussion on #blendercoders between kaito and a user. Topic
was the behaviour and responsiveness of the toolbox. My attempt to solve the
issue resulted in a patch I submitted to the tracker:

patch #3525
tracker message:

When a submenu is open and you move the mouse towards it, the submenu stays
open even if the cursor crosses other submenus. That's good if you want to
access this submenu. If you don't want to access this submenu, it may take
up to 1 second until the toolbox responds again.
(Test it: open toolbox, wait until submenu pops up, move mouse towards a
submenu-entry but stop the mouse before you reach the submenu. Now the
cursor is above another entry in the top-menu, but it doesn't respond)

My patch checks if the mouse has stopped, and if so, it processes the item
under the cursor.

I'm not sure if the original behaviour is wrong or if that's just my
opinion. Please have a good look at it.

Another thing in my patch:
I moved the "PIL_sleep_ms(10);" on top of the loop.
Otherwise, we have two "uiGetMouse" following each other immediately in the
first pass => dx, dy = 0. But that's just cosmetics ;-)

Best regards,
Stephan Kassemeyer

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