[Bf-committers] FW: [Bf-blender-cvs] CVS commit: blender/source/gameengine/Converter BL_ActionActuator.cpp BL_ActionActuator.h BL_ArmatureObject.cpp BL_ArmatureObject.h BL_BlenderDataConversion.cpp BL_BlenderDataConversion.h BL_DeformableGameObject.cpp BL_DeformableGameO

Wouter van Heyst larstiq at larstiq.dyndns.org
Fri Dec 2 01:05:52 CET 2005

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 09:57:08PM +0000, Mal wrote:
> Hi Ton,
> Just out of interest, why is there a separate Blender tree for the 
> Orange project? 
> I thought you guys were just using the latest Blender CVS version ( 
> perhaps with stuff like the GE compiled out ).

It is the same cvs tree (cvs.blender.org:/cvsroot/bf-blender), but a
different branch. No work should be done on the trunk while a release is
getting ready, but work on a branch can still be done without
interfering. Then, after the release, it is relatively easy to merge the
changes back in with cvs, instead of doing that by hand.

Wouter van Heyst

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