[Bf-committers] Boolean op holes error handled

"Juan J. Peña M." jjulio.pena at verizon.net.do
Thu Dec 1 02:41:55 CET 2005

 From my user point of view, both options are very bad, but the freeze 
option is worse of course.

Only been able to perfom Booleans on closed meshes is very limiting.. in 
fact, in all the years I´ve been using Blender, I have only used 
booleans on closep meshes like 5 times total.  Most (if not all) the 
possible uses I could make of Boolean are precisely for "open" meshes.

Again from the user point of view (as I don´t know if the next holds tru 
"under the hood") it seems like the normal recalculation funtions can do 
a pretty decent job deciding what is "inside" and what is "outside". So, 
for open meshes, you could borrow code from the normal recalc function.

Even better, it could be written so that IF the mesh is open, the 
decision of what is "inside" and what is "outside" could be based on the 
direction of a given face´s normal. Just presenting a warning like "Open 
mesh found, using face normals as guides".

Since the users are already familiar with the normal manual flipping 
procedures, and most of us already check for correct normal position 
anyways... if for some reason the automatic normal recalculation gives a 
wrong result, I can manually edit the offending normals, and then use 
Booleans to receive the expected behavior. That´s much better than just 
been unable to use booleans because it is not a closed mesh.


Marc Freixas escribió:

>Hi all,
>The boolean op is defined only when both meshes are a closed mesh
>(without holes). This happen because I use a BSP tree to classify the
>mesh faces (IN, ON & OUT). If a no closed mesh is used the BSP don't
>works. In other words, how can I classify a face IN/OUT using a mesh
>with holes?
>For this reason I add a test before do any thing to chech the meshes. If
>one mesh is no closed a error message is showed:
>"Both meshes must be a closed mesh"
>I think this is better than have a freeze or crash. What do you think
>about this?
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