[Bf-committers] Lattice Deform Idea

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sat Aug 27 12:55:04 CEST 2005


I want weight groups to work with all deformers in Blender (Hooks!),  
and want weightgroups in Curves & Nurbs as well. :)

The current weight group architecture is highly suspective of needing a  
refactor though... it's abusing a whole load of small mallocs, in a  
not-too-smart way... and then it separates weird in an Object component  
and a Mesh component. This is reason why I didn't use it for Hooks  
(yet). Also because Hooks now 'hook' to lattice & curves too.

So yes, feature is great, but the implementation is another story. I  
rather not hack too much new features here at the moment.


On 27 Aug, 2005, at 5:18, Johnny Matthews wrote:

> Kaito / ZR,
>  I had an idea as I was doing a little playing last night, I was  
> setting up a standard "cartoon eyes" rig and added a lattice to it and  
> was playing happily, but the eyes were a seperate mesh from my model  
> so that the lattice wouldn't deform the head, just the eyes. That  
> brought me to this idea...
>  If you could define a weight group for lattice deform. 0 lattice  
> doesn't deform, 1 lattice deforms, I guess you could even have it do a  
> percentage deform in the middle too.
>  This way, if you do a setup like this, the whole character can be one  
> mesh, with the lattice only effecting the eyes or whatever...Then you  
> could add multiple lattices effecting different areas the same way by  
> adding more weight groups...
>  Thoughts? Is this a dumb idea? Feel free to tell me why :)
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