[Bf-committers] Lattice Deform Idea

Johnny Matthews johnny.matthews at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 05:18:35 CEST 2005

Kaito / ZR,

I had an idea as I was doing a little playing last night, I was setting up a 
standard "cartoon eyes" rig and added a lattice to it and was playing 
happily, but the eyes were a seperate mesh from my model so that the lattice 
wouldn't deform the head, just the eyes. That brought me to this idea...

If you could define a weight group for lattice deform. 0 lattice doesn't 
deform, 1 lattice deforms, I guess you could even have it do a percentage 
deform in the middle too. 

This way, if you do a setup like this, the whole character can be one mesh, 
with the lattice only effecting the eyes or whatever...Then you could add 
multiple lattices effecting different areas the same way by adding more 
weight groups...

Thoughts? Is this a dumb idea? Feel free to tell me why :)

Johnny Matthews
johnny.matthews at gmail.com
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