[Bf-committers] A new mesh

Paul pctopgs at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 25 05:47:39 CEST 2005

Sorry,its just that im very new at this.
(i've been trying to find the answers to
all my questions about blender and and
i think i might of found it)so when i do
 Add>Surface>dounut,Alt-C,convert to mesh
all i have to do next time is go to Add>mesh>turus/dounut?
"K. Richard Rhodes" <krich at frontiernet.net> wrote:
The easiest way to do this i've found is add > surface > nurbs donut 
then ALT-C to convert to mesh


Paul wrote:

>I've known blender for some time now and I can't seem
>to find a turus.is there any way yau guys can create a turus?
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