[Bf-committers] Makefiles Maintenance

Chris Burt desoto at blender.spaceisbig.com
Sun Aug 21 19:35:17 CEST 2005

I did say, "an example". There were other changes discussed that I don't 
have the knowledge to discuss. I was merely bringing the whole subject 
to the table and the one "example" as I put it, was replacing the old 
naming conventions. In short, doing a search-and-replace is not 
*exactly* what I suggested as a reorganization of the makefiles.

And as for "don't let me stop you" ... I never suggested it was going to 
be me doing the work either. As I said, I was trying to remind the 
individuals previously involved. But if you don't want to read the posts 
before you reply to them... thats fine too ;)


Stephen Swaney wrote:
> Doing a search-and-replace on all the makefiles is not 
> *exactly* what I would call a reorganization.
> The answer to question 2 is "someone who has enough
> free time to devote to cosmetic changes that don't affect
> functionality".
> Personally, I like rather like the link to Blender tradition that the
> use of NAN_ implies.  Also, for the uber-geeky, NAN is the name of a
> floating point exception thrown when an arithmetic operation returns
> something that is Not A Number.
> But don't let me stop you!

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