[Bf-committers] A new mesh

Renato Perini rperini at email.it
Sun Aug 21 18:31:11 CEST 2005

Robert Wenzlaff (AB8TD) ha scritto:

>On Saturday 20 August 2005 12:17, Bart wrote:
>>s i can't deliver a "Nurbs Suzanne".
>>Just a question why in the nurbs menu nurbs is alway written in Caps
>>("NURBS ...") but any other like "Meta ..." for Metaballs or "Bezier
>>..." are not. May a hint for don't use it  ;) I think that could be
>>easily changed.
>"NURBS" is an acronym.  Non-linear, Uniform  *mumble mumble something mumble* 
>Bounding Surface.   It is proper english to put acronyms in all caps (Like 
>UK, USA, BF. . .).
Nope. NURBS means Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines.
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