[Bf-committers] A new mesh

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Sat Aug 20 13:30:37 CEST 2005

On Fri, 19 Aug 2005, Paul wrote:

> I've known blender for some time now and I can't seem
> to find a turus.is there any way yau guys can create a turus?

A million ways.

Some spontaneous ideas:

1) Add->Surface->Donut, ALT-C, convert to mesh

2) Add 8-point circle, move away from cursor, Subsurf, extrude
    8 times around cursor to form a full circle, remove doubles

3) Add->Curve->BezierCircle, add another Bezier Circle, use it
    as BevOb for first

Please read the docs before making funky suggestions to this
very serious list ;-)

alex at schnittenparadies.de

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