[Bf-committers] Re: [Bf-blender-cvs] CVS commit: blender/source/blender/src editobject.c

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Aug 17 11:52:55 CEST 2005


This kind of 'tweak' might work for little tweaks (like bezier  
handles), but not for actual grabbing objects or bones or vertices.  
Then the strain is just unbearable, a mousebutton-release too  
inaccurate, and MMB constraining impossible.

(For pen/tablet usage it might work well though, but thats another  

You also should be aware that you use LMB select, which gives a  
different perception as well. What you see as an 'unnecessary click' is  
for RMB-select a very intuitive and strain-less command to end with.  
(Left click is confirm for hotkey grabbing as well).

I'm convinced we can design something better. Couple of months ago I  
sent this list a proposal for a mouse-mapping standard, with sufficient  
freedom for people to adjust to their desired workflow. But even then,  
we could strive for an optimum. I've not seen any rational argument for  
this kind of strained tweaking, nor for LMB selection, apart from just  
following market conventions...

(You could also re-read the first appendix of Raskin's Humane  
Interface! I'm really not alone here. :)


On 17 Aug, 2005, at 2:10, Matt Ebb wrote:

> On 17/08/2005, at 08:25 AM, Chris Want wrote:
>> Martin Poirier wrote:
>>> theeth (Martin Poirier) 2005/08/16 23:58:26 CEST
>>>   Modified files:
>>>   blender/source/blender/src editobject.c  Log:
>>>   Turning off tweak mode until there's a better UI.
>> If it were on the left mouse button I think this
>> would be a really great feature (with perhaps either a
>> mode or a user pref to keep the gesture crowd happy).
> Might I ask what was wrong with this to start with? We've already been  
> through this on the tuhopuu list - the way it works there is just  
> beautiful and I can't bear to model in bf because of it's  
> non-existence there. Since the functionality is to select and move, it  
> makes sense to have it on the select button. As theeth mentioned in  
> the original commit log, it's just the same as current behaviour, just  
> removing the unnecessary confirmation click at the end (which doesn't  
> prevent mouse strain in this case since you had to drag already in  
> order to initiate it).
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