[Bf-committers] BlenderCE - Guardedalloc...

Matthew H Plough (mplough at Princeton.EDU) mplough at Princeton.EDU
Tue Aug 9 18:49:34 CEST 2005

Salvatore Russo wrote:

> Some points where I am confused:
> 1) Char and all associated function (str*, sprint, etc) are defined 
> for WinCE so they should work! But how

These will work the same way as on regular Windows, DOS, Unix, whatever -- you just won't be able to print two-byte wchar_t characters using those functions.  

> 2) But all documentation that I read say that Pocketpc is aUnicode 
> environment
 so what is a char or “blabla” in a Unicode environment

A char is a byte of memory -- the fact that it's a Unicode environment only means that it supports Unicode.  You'd write Unicode characters (e.g. accented 'a', Chinese characters, 'o' with a slash through it) using wchar_t.  You can verify this by running a program that does this:

printf("char is: %d bytes\n", sizeof(char));
printf("wchar_t is: %d bytes\n", sizeof(wchar_t));

If it comes back with something different from
char is: 1 bytes
on the first line, please let us know! :-)

Not sure I can help with 3 and 4 -- I'm not familiar enough with the environment.

Good luck!


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