[Bf-committers] Question regarding Armature System

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Aug 7 11:21:58 CEST 2005


The current bone system is hardwired to use the Y axis as Bone axis  
yes. I've thought of making it an option... but didn't see a real  
reason for it yet. :)
The main argument for it would be export/import though, I've heard  
other packages use other conventions internally. I would need to know a  
little bit more about that first though. Switching the dominant axis  
whilst keeping an armature (and its animations!) the same is quite a  
messy math!


On 1 Aug, 2005, at 16:00, Thomas H. Hendrick wrote:

> Looking at the upcoming changes to the Armature System, they look ...  
> well ... nothing less than incredible!  :-)
> I have one question, though.
> Blender internally seems to have a "hardwired" Bone axis.  That is,  
> the length of the Bone travels down the Y-axis, and the X-axis (I  
> think) is the "up" vector.
> What would be involved in making this user-selectable on a per-model  
> or per-armature basis?  (Per bone would just be silly I think -- at  
> least from a user perspective).
> This is probably something that would just be too much for the  
> upcoming 2.4 release, given the overhaul coming to the Armature code.   
> Any ideas on (1) how tough this might be, and (2) what would be  
> involved for something like this to happen?
> Thanks much!
> --Tom.
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