[Bf-committers] OpenGl in windowsVista ... bad news....

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Sun Aug 7 05:07:37 CEST 2005

I realy doubt this will happen,  without some kind of workaround.
There are heaps of OpenGL apps out there, Either MS Will have an option 
to run OpenGL in a faster mode, ATI/NVidia might fix it with there 
drivers, or even modify there hardware so its not 50% as fast.
If they to to OpenGL what they did to Java by releasing a crappy 
version. then people in the 3d industry (not a huge proportion of 
windows users) will pospone upgrading to Vista, and look to alternitives.
I realy doubt they will shoot themselves in the foot like this. It may 
even be some rubbish to make people use DirectX over OpenGL.

- 2cents

> That's typical M$, hope there are enough other people from the indutry 
> fighting against this f...ing plan.
> Frédéric van der Essen schrieb:
>> Quote from www.opengl.org :
>> Microsoft's current plan for OpenGL on Windows Vista is to layer 
>> OpenGL over Direct3D in order to use OpenGL with a composited desktop 
>> to obtain the Aeroglass experience. If an OpenGL ICD is run - the 
>> desktop compositor will switch off - significantly degrading the user 
>> experience. In practice this means for OpenGL under Aeroglass:
>> * OpenGL performance will be significantly reduced - perhaps as much 
>> as 50%
>> * OpenGL on Windows will be fixed at a vanilla version of OpenGL 1.4
>> * No extensions will be possible to expose future hardware innovations
>> It would be technically straightforward to provide an OpenGL ICD 
>> within the full Aeroglass experience without compromising the 
>> stability or the security of the operating system. Layering OpenGL 
>> over Direct3D is a policy decision more than a technical decision.
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