[Bf-committers] Re: Bf-committers Digest, Vol 13, Issue 3

Toni Alatalo antont at kyperjokki.fi
Thu Aug 4 08:17:48 CEST 2005

bf-committers-request at projects.blender.org wrote:

>From: Joseph Hanna <pennilessprophet at gmail.com>
>I don't know where to put this so I am just dropping this here.
i guess the development forums at blender.org are the best place for 
more open discussion like this. often there are simple feature requests, 
that are crucial for some users (e.g. python scripters), and really easy 
for someone who knows c and (some of) blender internals (e.g. to add 
something to the bpy API etc. and of course for other kinds of features 

there you can also ask help on understanding Blender internals etc.

>If anyone needs some extra help.
i was almost sure there is a 'help needed' page on 
http://www.blender.org/cms/Get_Involved.233.0.html that you should be 
sure to check, but don't see one now.. well at least the wiki, linked 
from there, shows what is going on and there is a section for requests 
too http://wiki.blender.org/

oh and the basic thing: basically with open source it's best to be 
selfish in the sense that do something that you need. that's kindof the 
idea.. the community is providing a tool / base that you can use, but if 
it's missing something you need, you can add it .. i think that's also a 
good way to keep yourself motivated. and usually if you need something 
many others need it too. so what would you like to see in Blender? (but 
please don't answer here, except when it's is so mature that it includes 
a working patch ;)

have fun,

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