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Tue Aug 2 17:09:27 CEST 2005

Le 30 juil. 05, à 18:50, Jasper Mine a écrit :

> Hello,

> I'll add to zippy's confusion.

>  I have tried the three ways in which to compile blender on osx.  Scons,
> make and Xcode.  Make gets me the furthest with least editing. Xcode worked
> for awhile and is a joy to use, now if barfs.  Scons craps out very early
> with little beneficial output.  My development environment consists of one
> G4 computer running osx 10.4.2 Tiger, and Xcode 2 which uses gcc4.

Make was working 3 days ago and i doubt it dont work anymore (Ton use
make). it is, and will stay the official build system.

Scons problems are linked to the new bullet library. it should be
corrected by the coder. I will have a look when i can
i normally maintain it closely, but cant actually

Xcode need simply update for the new files. it is done, but i have a
limited access to internet for still at least one week, and if i can read,
i cannot commit my changes. XCode is not an official build system, and as
such is not guaranteed to be up to date.

In any case, NEVER use the freetype lib of usr/X11R6 on OS X. Those dont
work for a quartz application and will confuse the linker. Use precompiled
libs of cvs instead. the only change for make files needed should be
python and any thing searched in /sw

For XCode, as many people wont switch to Tiger, and that we need in any
case to keep a 10.2 build too, i will keep it at 1.5 level for some time

here is my "user-def.mk"  for compiling blender with make :

#my defs

MYLIBDIR = /Users/luke/dev/bf_ref_tree/lib/darwin-6.1-powerpc
export PY_FRAMEWORK       = 1
export NAN_QUIET = 1

export NAN_JPEG ?= $(MYLIBDIR)/jpeg
export NAN_PNG ?= $(MYLIBDIR)/png
export NAN_FREETYPE ?= $(MYLIBDIR)/freetype

those changes are the only ones needed for building on 10.3 without a fink
install. The new_transform  one may even be no more needed i think

replace MYLIBDIR value by your own


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