[Bf-committers] Question regarding Armature System

Thomas H. Hendrick thomas.hendrick at vistagy.com
Mon Aug 1 16:00:37 CEST 2005

Looking at the upcoming changes to the Armature System, they look ... 
well ... nothing less than incredible!  :-)

I have one question, though.

Blender internally seems to have a "hardwired" Bone axis.  That is, the 
length of the Bone travels down the Y-axis, and the X-axis (I think) is 
the "up" vector.

What would be involved in making this user-selectable on a per-model or 
per-armature basis?  (Per bone would just be silly I think -- at least 
from a user perspective).

This is probably something that would just be too much for the upcoming 
2.4 release, given the overhaul coming to the Armature code.  Any ideas 
on (1) how tough this might be, and (2) what would be involved for 
something like this to happen?

Thanks much!

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